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EPM Cloud Tips & Tricks - #1

The first EPM cloud product was released in 2014 and it's been six years till date. I was recently part of an FCCS implementation project. I know what you might be thinking. Coming from completely essbase and planning background and been working on it for almost 12 years and doing an FCCS project? Well, it turned out that way and it was a change for me too than being in my comfort zone and took it as a challenge.  I have been very busy for over the past one year and I didn't really had a chance or time to get back to my blogging and sharing my knowledge. The project finally went live and I am going to share my bit of learnings. Some of it you might alread know The first tip is going to be an easy one and those who have worked in FDMEE / Data Management in the cloud, you might already know it. But, this is very important when it comes to FCCS as zeroes are valid from Balance Sheet standpoint Data Management by default doesn't load zeroes. Below is a excerpt from the document
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Kscope19 - My experiences & Learnings

Kscope18 happened at Disney World resorts, Orlando, Florida and it was a blast. That was my first Kscope experience and it has inspired me a lot. I was the only one from Genpact to present two sessions and I took back all the learnings, experiences and inspired few more colleagues to submit abstracts for the Kscope19 conference Kscope19 happened at Seattle and couldn't have asked for more. It was again a great experience that can only be experienced. Though my abstracts were not selected, I am really happy that few of my colleagues abstracts were selected. Kudos to Kavibharathi, Megha Chopra, Mohit Jain (couldn't make to kscope due to visa issue), Yilmaz, Zulma who had their first time experience and a chance to present at the conference Pre-conference day - 22nd Jun 2019 - Community Service Day Every year ODTUG kicks-off with a  community service day  before the conference. I couldn't make it last year and I made a point to attend and be part of the community servi

EPM Cloud (PBCS/EPBCS/FCCS) - Report Bursting & Reports scheduling

The first product of Oracle EPM cloud was launched in 2014 and it's been 5 years and over the course of these 5 years, Oracle has every EPM product in cloud to what is available in on-premise. With so many products under the EPM belt each with its own functionality, there is a real need to have a single unified reporting tool that can handle all your reporting requirements across all your EPM products at one place. EPRCS (Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service) is the Oracle direction to address all the reporting needs for any organization of any size. If your team is responsible for the management, narrative and external reporting with the ability to author, collaborate and a solid approval process, you definitely have to consider implementing EPRCS at your organization EPRCS can connect to your EPM Cloud products, Essbase cloud and also to your Fusion Applications Essbase app. It addresses all your financial, management, narrative and disclosure reporting. I am not goi

Moving essbase outline from On-Prem to Cloud (OAC) works

I am part of the EPM competency at my organization and I often get pulled in to few of the discussions. There was one instance this week where I was pulled in to a meeting for a simple yet typical problem Problem statement Client had an Essbase ASO application that was migrated to Oracle Analytics Cloud and was not used for a long time. Recently, they have loaded the data and started validating. There is a currency conversion process which is not producing any results. They wanted to check what got changed / what was missed. Unfortunately, they only had the OTL and the data files and they do not have any on-prem instance where they could easily open the OTL in EAS. We had a lab instance where we opened the outline and figured out that the Entity dimension is missing the UDA's. Now, we wanted an easy way to get the UDA's so that we can make the change very quick There was no way that you could view an OTL file and reached out asking how can we extract the dimension from

PBCS/EPBCS - ASO exclude shared & Dynamic

As you all are aware that Oracle releases patches to EPM cloud every month (EDMCS is released every 2 months) and the patches are applied on first-week of Friday in Dev and third-week of Friday in Prod I did a post long back about a challenge that I have faced in on-premise and how I have addressed that. New functions were released in Nov-2018 release of PBCS. Below is an excerpt from the readiness document. You can find the document here New Aggregate Storage Functions in Calculation Manager The following Aggregate Storage functions have been added to Calculation Manager. These functions filter the shared and dynamic members from the Point of View (POV). The functions can be used in the POV of an Aggregate Storage custom calculation or allocation. @FilterDynamic(Dimension Name, Member Name) removes all dynamic members from the list of members @FilterShared(Dimension Name, Member Name) removes all shared members from the list of members @FilterSharedAndDynamic(Dimensio

Essbase Cloud - REST API

REST API is not something new in Oracle EPM world when it was nunvieled and what runs behind most of the Oracle EPM product portfolio and that is the direction what Oracle says and probably you should hear it and start looking in to it When OAC was released in March 2017 and when I took a look at it three months later, I always wondered if there were REST API's that powers EssCli and I was right. Oracle at Sunday Symposium did mention that and showed a demo of how the REST API's can be used for dynamic data loading and I was thrilled. I was even thrilled when my good friend Vijay Kurian gave a session on Essbase REST API. You can download his presentation once it is available for everyone from ODTUG . Being a presenter and attendee, we get early access to the presentations and I feel so much previleged about it If you want to get started right away and want to go and look at the documentation, it's not available yet. This is where it becomes difficult to know what al

OAC - Switch Classic to Modern - Trick

Back to back posts today. But, I am excited and wanted to share this cool hack....Not sure if anyone has figured it out.... I did a blogpost on OAC new / modern interface and few features that I really liked. You can find my blogpost here . A good friend (became friends at Kscope18) Vijay Kurian  posted in his blog at theunlockedcube  about the Essbase Cloud features Part I and Part II and he has shown how to switch from classic interface to modern interface For some reason it didn't work for me in the pormotional OAC instance that I was using. However, I was able to switch based on what I poseted in my previous blogpost In general If you want to switch from Classic to Modern, follow the below screenshot However, for some reason that didn't work for me and I didn't knew why What I did might sound pretty silly but now I have the whole new Modern Interface that i can use without having to rely on the Deep Dive environment that I was using earlier. (That's Ora